Medtech Expands Nursing Education Opportunities In Florida

“Camelot Healthcare Training Institute has been preparing students for nursing and health-related careers since 2009. Its new ‘Medtech’ name more accurately defines what the campus does, which is training people to realize their healthcare career
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‘Managing is nursing too – so let’s celebrate the diversity of the profession’

It’s time we gave all nurses a break. And enabled them to have careers, to diversify and to make choices that suit their skillset best. In what other profession is it considered that promotion and progression diminishes you? It does not make you less
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Youngblood brings lifelong love of nursing to Lipscomb program …

As a child, she played teacher and nurse with her collection of stuffed animals. Determined that she wanted to pursue a career in nursing, Youngblood, at age 13

Watch Accelerated Nursing Programs And Your Career Video …

Accelerated Nursing Programs And Your Career video at Watch, comment, rate…/accelerated-nursing-programs-and-your-ca…

Registered Nurse Jobs | Careercast Energy Network

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A dream achieved

Carranza said when she got her LPN degree from Lebanon County Vo-Tech School 13 years ago, she was excited about starting a career in nursing. However, working as a licensed practical nurse at Reading Hospital, Carranza of Lebanon said she has
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Are men taking on more pink collar jobs?

There are people who also look at nursing in a different light and respect my profession as an esteemed role within the medical model.” At one point, people might have questioned his career choice for a different reason: the fact that he’s a 25-year
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